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NTMC 2009

NTMC 2009 is our deprecated, Microsoft Windows XP based master controller used by small electric utility companies. It provides many of the services of large SCADA systems, such as one line diagrams (simple example on the right), remote access via telephone, LAN, WAN, or the Internet, at small system prices.

It communicates with a variety of devices such as RTUs, PLCs, residential meters, relays, and switches, using a host of standard, and proprietary communications protocols. Additional, publicly available protocols are added as needed.

NTMC is a distributed system, it can run on one computer, or several machines when managing larger systems. Additionally, it can communicate with other SCADA systems via its COM / DCOM, and Web Service interfaces.

High Level Applications

NTMC core components perform SCADA functions such as automatic RTU polling (see figure on the left), operation of remote switches, timed switch management, etc. Additional components are available. Load Management module provides a host of peak shaving, and load rotation algorithms, while Capacitor Control component manages feeder VAr or power factor by connecting /disconnecting capacitor banks to / from the power grid. Meter Reading module automates remote meter reading functions, as well as billing data preparation and forwarding to local billing departments. Remote Client provides remote access to NTMC via LANs and telephone, while WebLink enables users to access NTMC via the internet, and enables NTMC to notify the users of important events via e-mail.


Some of the features include:

Operator-configurable one-line diagrams
Event logging, retrieval, printing, and archiving
System configuration editing (on-line and off-line, locally and remotely)
Data evaluation - user defined equation management for processing of incoming, or locally resident data
Data recording, archiving, retrieval, analysis, printing, and plotting
Data Exporting - generic and custom data exporting to other programs for custom processing
Numerical Reports - hourly averages and extrema, daily averages and extrema, etc.
Activity Reports - such as control point activity, state, and accumulated off time reports
Automatic daily system backups
Automatic daily, weekly, or monthly data archiving
Communication routing - for remote devices too far, or otherwise inaccessible directly by the master
Remote Access - users can access the system remotely via telephone, LAN, WAN, or the Internet
E-Mail - Users can be notified of predefined events via e-mail on their PCs, cell phones, pagers, PDAs, etc.
Help - A collection of local, and internet resident files with step by step instructions on how to run the system
Security - implemented on two levels: application, and operating system
Debugging - troubleshooting facilities

Main Functions:

Load Management
Meter Reading
Capacitor Control
Remote Access and Notification

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