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Master Controller Editor is a tool for viewing and editing of NTMC databases and configuration files. Please click here to view a brief introduction to the program, then press the browser Back button to return to this page.


File Viewing

NTMC configuration files and databases can be viewed by using MCED. The latter is fully integrated into NTMC components and can be started from there as described in those manuals. In those cases the relevant file gets loaded automatically and is ready for viewing and / or editing. MCED can also be started off-line, in which case the program asks for the file to be loaded. Once the file is loaded it can be viewed, edited and printed.


File Editing

NTMC configuration files and databases can be edited by using MCED. The latter was designed to present a common, unified interface for all editing needs. Sections below describe the available editing methods.

Editing Methods

Each database entry display consists of one line, with the line Item descriptor on the left side, and the item Value on the right side. The basic editing steps are as follows:

  1. Select a line to be edited.
  2. Perform data entry.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all lines to be edited.
  4. Save the changes.


Select a line to be edited

This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Double-click on the line of interest, or
  2. Single-click on the line of interest, then press the Edit button.


Perform Data Entry

To do data entry one first modifies the item value, then presses the keyboard enter key. The first step can be one of several kinds:

  1. Simple numerical entry - the new value is entered using the keyboard. If the entered value is out of range MCED rejects the value, displaying the appropriate range.
  2. Selection from a list - MCED presents a pull down list. An item is selected from that list by using the mouse. The pull down lists can be static (such as Enable / Disable), or dynamically built (such as the list of available remote units).
  3. Structured data entry - when a more complex data item is required, MCED displays a dialog box. The relevant fields are filled in the dialog box. Example: date and time entry - one must fill in the day, month, year, etc.

All modified lines are colored in a different color to let the user know which lines have been changed. The new values do not take effect until the changes are saved as described below.


Save the Changes

To save the changes, press the Save + Exit button.


File Printing

To print the file loaded into MCED press the Print button.



MCED has no user configurable items.



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