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Master Controller Executive performs startup and shutdown of the entire NTMC system. MCEX  also displays status, mode, and host computer id of every NTMC component, and performs internal inter-component scheduling functions. More overview can be found here.


Startup Starts up MCEX which, in turn, starts up all other installed NTMC components.
  1. Turn on the computer. Wait for the operating system to prompt you to log-on. This may take a minute or two.
  2. Log on to the account, which has the NTMC controller software, as instructed by the operating system.
  3. Open (double-click on) the BTE folder.
  4. Open (double click on) the MCEX icon. The NTMC components start up sequentially, first MCEX, then IOEX, followed by RUEX. After that, any additional installed modules start up. This may take several seconds, to several minutes, depending on the size of the system and databases. 
Shutdown Shuts down MCEX which, in turn, shuts down all installed NTMC components.
  1. Bring the MCEX window to the front.
  2. Click on the 'X' button on the top right of the MCEX window. Alternatively, select MCEX Exit.
  3. Confirm shutdown by clicking on the 'OK' button. After this NTMC shuts down. The process may take a few seconds, or up to a minute or so, depending on the size of your system.
  4. If you want to leave the operating system running, press the Start button, then log off the account.
  5. Otherwise, if you want to shut down the operating system, select 'Shut Down' and confirm. Note: Do not turn off computer power until NTMC and the operating system have both been shut down.
Yes - X
View Events Starts MCEV and loads the appropriate event log file. View Event Log Yes
Configure Starts MCED and loads the MCEX server configuration file. See the Configuration section below for component configuration options. MCEX Configure Yes
Help Displays help documentation. Help NTMC Yes - F1
About MCEX Displays currently running component version, and licensed user id. Help About MCEX Yes


Users must log on to every NTMC component before they can use it. Security commands are listed below.

Log On... Logs on a user. If authenticated parts of the system consistent with user's privileges become available.
  1. Click on the Operator menu.
  2. Select Log On.
  3. Enter your username and click OK.
  4. Enter your password, and click OK.
Log Off Logs off the currently logged on user.
  1. Click on the Operator menu.
  2. Select Log Off.


NTMC Component Polling Period (sec) Specifies how often MCEX checks up on other NTMC components. Parameter is specified in seconds.

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