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The following additions / modifications were performed since 2003 version:

bulletSecurity was added to NTMC - users must now have a valid account on NTMC as well as on operating system. Security administration is implemented via a new core component, MCSA. Security manager,  integrated in all NTMC  components, enforces security policies in real time.
bulletMCSA Introduction and Overview
bulletMCSA User Guide
bulletRemote Access to NTMC via the internet, as well as Remote Event Notification via e-mail was added.
bulletWebLink Introduction and Overview
bulletWebLink User Guide
bulletAuto-Archiving was added - the various NTMC components that do data recording can now be set up to archive data recording files and event log files automatically. These operations had to be done manually up until now. Click on the links below to see how to set this up for each of the affected components:
bulletRUEX Auto Archiving
bulletLMEX Auto Archiving
bulletCCEX Auto Archiving
bulletMREX Auto Archiving
bulletLMEX Load State Reinserting algorithm was modified. The new parameter, Reinserting After Peak Period allows operators to specify the number of minutes after peak billing period expires LMEX is to initiate load reinserting cycle.
bulletMCDA Y Range Determination parameter has been added, allowing users to manually specify data Y ranges in plots. The automatic option where MCDA computes the necessary ranges is still there of course. When Y range is selected manually, once can load multiple data files into MCDA thereby viewing superimposed graphs.
bulletA problem which would cause LMEX to crash occasionally after receiving NPPD messages was corrected.
bulletTime Zone Offset parameter was added to WebLink - enabling WebLink to correctly time-stamp external commands coming in via an internet server in a different time zone.
bulletSupport of General Electric kV2 meters via MODBUS RTU protocol was updated, including load profiling and diagnostic functions.

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