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The following additions / modifications were performed since 2006 version:

bulletVestas Wind Turbines - Vestas RCS protocol driver was added to RUEX, the latter can now communicate with Vestas wind turbines. (2007.01)
bulletDNP Driver Modification - Support for several new data objects was added to the DNP protocol driver. Select before operate functionality was added. (2007.01)
bullet Demand Driven Load Rotation - in LMEX was improved. Load control factor is ignored, percentage of load controlled by a schedule is dynamically computed by concurrently running peak shaving algorithm. (2007.03)
bulletDNP Server Modification - DNP Server now manages 'Need Time' and 'Restart' bits on arrival of unsolicited responses. These were previously managed only upon arrival of solicited responses. (2007.04)


The following known problems were corrected since 2006 version:

bulletDNP Driver Inefficiency - DNP Protocol driver inefficiency, which was slowing down DNP communications in certain cases, was removed.  (2007.01)
bulletAlarms Without Log Entry - In certain situations RUEX would generate alarms without any event log entry. The problem was corrected.  (2007.01)
bulletRemote Unit Windows - would make user interface sluggish, or even unresponsive when there were too many windows open in RUEX. The inefficiency was removed.  (2007.01)
bulletRemote Unit Window List - in RUEX would not mark windows containing alarms until at least one of remote unit windows was opened first. The problem was corrected.  (2007.01)
bulletPost Operation Poll - would not work consistently in case of single state momentary control points. The problem was corrected.  (2007.01)
bulletMREX Download Status - discrepancy in alarm displays was removed.
bulletPeak Shaving Algorithm - would no longer work with load rotation in demand mode turned on in LMEX. The problem was corrected. (2007.03)

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