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The following additions / modifications were performed since 2007 version:

bulletSupport of NeXGen - NeXGen product line support was finalized, including PowerPoll, RURDR,  store & forward (message routing), and two-way load management functionality. 
bulletDNP Driver Modification - Support for several new data objects was added to the DNP protocol driver. (2008.00)
bulletPoll & Control Code Dispatching - RUEX poll and control code dispatchers now sort outgoing messages by external client id. This prevents excessive communications switching, which is useful when multiple channels share one part of a physical interface, but differ on another, and switching is done by switching of a mechanical relay. (2008.00)
bulletWeekday AOT - LMEX now keeps track of load point Accumulated Off Time (AOT) for every day of the week respectively, as well as total AOT. Load management can now be done based on total AOT or Sunday AOT. (2008.01)
bulletModbus Driver Update - Added ASCII and Enron flavors of Modbus protocol to IOEX Modbus driver. The latter only supported Modbus RTU protocol up to this point. In RUEX, support for 'Generic Modbus ASCII Device' and 'Generic Modbus Enron Device' was added. (2008.02)
bulletWebLinkPublisher Optimization - WebLinkPublisher was modified to bypass some of the WebLinkService commands, and query the database directly, to speed up web page generation.
bulletWebLink AOT Reporting - was changed back to (d h m s) format. (WebLink 2008.00) (2008.07)
bulletDisplay of Numeric Values - Added parameters allowing more control over display of analog values in RUEX and MCDA. (2008.08)
bulletMCDA Printing - was updated to take into account new parameters mentioned in previous section.
bulletPulse Counter RURDR - functionality was updated - RUEX now downloads and saves pulse counter RURDR data, and automatically creates and saves pulse counter delta values as well. MREX was modified to use values or deltas on a meter by meter basis. (2008.09)
bulletNeXGen Event Log Report - was added to MCDA. The latter takes event log data downloaded from a specified NeXGen unit, and converts it into a human readable report. (2008.09)
bulletOne-Line Diagrams - now load in a separate thread, this speeds up RUEX startup. (2008.09)
bulletModbus Driver Update - Added momentary control operation support to generic Modbus driver (2008.14).
bulletRoute Displays - Remote unit route usage is now displayed in RUEX domain windows. (2008.15) .
bulletOne-Line Diagrams - Added reverse state logic to 'Relay' display elements. (2008.16).
bulletEvaluator Driven Control point Operation - Added control point evaluation & operation based on result of that evaluation.  (2008.19).
bulletModbus Driver Update - Added TCP flavor of Modbus protocol to IOEX Modbus driver. In RUEX, support for 'Generic Modbus TCP Device' was added. (2008.19).
bulletMCDA Print Commands - were added. User can define batch print commands (data file to load, filter to use, list / plot), which can be executed manually or automatically (on a scheduled basis). (2008.21).
bulletMCDA Jobs - were added. User can add batch print commands or batch data export commands to a job which can be executed manually or automatically (on a scheduled basis). (2008.21).
bulletMCDA Commands - Previous Print Commands are now Commands, capable of not only printing data, but also exporting data to comma delimited files for use in spreadsheets. Commands can now also run reports before printing / exporting data.  (2008.23)
bulletMCDA Jobs - in view of above change, user can add one or more batch commands to a job which can be executed manually or automatically (on a scheduled basis). (2008.23).
bulletAnalog input Registers - Modified two's complement processing, analog input register width of 0 < n <= 32 now possible, as opposed 16 and 32 bits only previously. (2008.25).
bulletDefault Max. Value - displayed in non-scientific notation was changed across the board to 1.0E+11. (2008.25).


The following known problems were corrected since 2007 version:

bulletVestas Wind Turbines - Problem in Vestas RCS protocol driver was corrected, message length book-keeping now works correctly. (2008.00)
bulletDNP Driver Problem - DNP driver was issuing incorrect data recording data download commands to NeXGen remote units. The problem was corrected. (2008.03)
bulletRS232 / 485 Driver Problem - The driver developed a couple of problems due to recent source code modifications. One of the problems would cause IOEX to hang when there was excessive sporadic, unsolicited serial traffic. The problem was corrected. (2008.04)
bulletCCEX Problem - recent code modification introduced a bug which would cause CCEX to crash on startup. The problem was corrected. (2008.05)
bulletSharing of Modbus Channels - A problem when Modbus ASCII and Modbus Enron channels share the same physical interface was corrected in IOEX. (2008.06)
bulletWebLink Problem - Removed a bug in WebLink which would prohibit setting up of a new account on server.  (2008.00) 
bulletDNP Driver Problem - Recent new code development introduced a bug in the DNP driver which would cause it to time out on longer messages. The problem was corrected. (2008.07)
bulletRS232 / 485 Driver Problem - Recent new code development introduced a bug in the serial driver which would cause it to time out on longer messages. The problem was corrected. (2008.08)
bulletDNP Driver Problem - A framing problem in DNP driver was corrected - problem would flush messages in exceptional cases. (2008.10)
bulletReport Generation Problem - Control point state and AOT report generator stopped working because of recent code changes. Problem was corrected.  (2008.12)
bulletRemote Client Problem - Creation of new analog points would no longer work via Remote Client - problem in RUEX server was corrected.  (2008.13)
bulletWebLink Problem - WebLink would crash occasionally in a sorting comparison function - .Net 2.0 framework would complain about null references in that function even though checking for null references is carried out in that function. Structured exception handling was added to code in that function, hopefully resolving that problem.  (2008.01) 
bulletMCDA Printing - numbers would print out (in reports) in scientific notation irrespective of Max. Value Size parameter. The problem was corrected.  (2008.15).
bulletRUEX UI Problem - RUEX User Interface would attempt to update hidden remote units and / or I/O point, sometimes hanging RUEX. The problem was corrected. (2008.20).
bulletStatus Point RURDR Downloading - problems in DNP driver (processing of object G02V02) and MCDA (data signature recognition) were corrected. (2008.25).

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