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The following additions / modifications were performed since 2008 version:

bulletExecutable Files - generated with Microsoft VS 2008. (2009.01)
bulletFile Interface - NTMC can now send / receive data via a specified disk file.  (2009.01).
bulletNPPD Application Server - has a new parameter which can be used to discontinue modem usage.  (2009.01).
bulletTwin Load Points - Load points can now be assigned one (and only one) twin load point in LMEX. Twin load points are secondary load points which operate right after primary load operation, as opposed to secondary loads, which operate after load management cycle has completed. Twin load points can be chain-linked. (2009.01)
bulletPost Operation Polling - Logic was modified to include operations which do not result in control point state change. (2009.01)
bulletModbus Driver Enhancement - Added State 0 and State 1 register value parameters in control points for operation via Modbus protocols. The operator assigned values are uploaded to specified Modbus register whenever control point is operated (Generic Modbus drivers only). (2009.02).
bulletRemote Channel Switching - Custom code for a customer was added, IOEX switches two communications channels by operating remotely antenna selection relays. (2009.02)
bulletNew Reports i n MCDA - TOTAL and MEAN are now computed and appended to MCDA exports. (2009.08)
bulletI/O Point Alarms - Start and End Time of Day for I/O point alarms were added. (2009.08)
bulletOne-Line Diagrams Expansion - Fluid tank, with real time fluid level updating, was added to on-line diagram library.  (2009.10)
bulletContext Menu Availability in One-Line Diagram Screens - was adjusted. (2009.10)
bulletTimed Control Point Operation - to State 1 was added, together with a parameter which enables / disables the feature. Timed control points can now be turned to state 1 (ON) just like latched control points. Previously they would be left to time-out. (2009.10)
bulletReinserting of Loads in OFF State - Feature was added to LMEX. Operator can now refresh all loads that are OFF with a push of a button, either globally, or on a metering point level. (2009.13)
bulletLoad State Reinserting Time Slots - More time slots for Load State Reinserting algorithm were added (now 24). LSR manager can now be used to update timed switches at specially designated times of day if so desired. (2009.13)
bulletRemote Channel Switching - more fine-tuning of this IOEX driver. (2009.14)
bulletComverge RTC Support -  Fine-tuning of this IOEX driver. (2009.17)
bulletOutgoing SMTP Server port Number - MCSA has a new parameter for outgoing SMTP server port number. WebLink was modified to use the new parameter. (2009.18)
bulletNumber of Lines per Printed Page - in list displays was modified to accommodate for changes in latter Windows XP service packs. (2009.20).
bulletContinuous Sounding Alarms - were added. (2009.21).
bulletRepetitive Poll Failure Alarms - can now be filtered. (2009.21).
bulletMeter Reading - of meters which failed on previous command. One such new command was added for latest reads, billing reads, and data downloads, respectively. (2009.24)
bulletMCDA Commands - Each command now has its own archive directory path parameter.  (2009.25)
bulletAuto-Archive - time of day parameter was added to all executives. Auto-archiving could only happen at midnight up to this change. (2009.25)
bulletArchive Logging - is now done only for I/O points where there is some data to be archived. Points with no data to be archived produce no log entries. This is to save log file space. (2009.25)
bulletFailed Poll Delay - parameter was added to RUEX - this enabled is to pause all activities a specified number of seconds after a failed poll. (2009.27)

The following known problems were corrected since 2008 version:

bulletError Reporting Bug - A function which reports subsystem failures could itself fail - this would occasionally cause a crash, the problem was corrected. (2009.01).
bulletDNP Driver Problem - Momentary control point confirmations would not be properly processed by the driver, resulting in nuisance alarms. The problem was corrected. (2009.02).
bulletRemote Channel Switching - Driver (see above) timing was adjusted. (2009.03)
bulletDNP Driver Adjustment - Messages not meant for NTMC hosting DNP driver are now rejected on Data Link level. (2009.04)
bulletCommunications Channel Reinitialization - which happens on failed poll was modified.  (2009.05)
bulletRemote Channel Switching - Driver (see above) was reworked one more time.  (2009.06)
bulletCopy Remote Unit - Command contained a bug which would corrupt RUEX database. The bug was fixed and database maintenance program was written and distributed when necessary.  (2009.06)
bulletModbus Driver - The driver would no longer check for function 6 returns. The problem was corrected. (2009.07)
bulletRoute Programming - A problem in NeXGen route programming would cause routes to be programmed incorrectly in certain circumstances. The problem was corrected. (2009.09)
bulletEvaluator Problem - Evaluators would incorrectly read status point and control point values. The problem was corrected. (2009.10)
bulletLicensed I/O Point Count - NeXGen units no longer count diagnostic I/O points towards licensed I/O point count.  (2009.10)
bulletTimed Control Point Operation - to State 1 (see above) logic was fixed.  (2009.11)
bulletkW Available for Control - calculation in metering point would differ slightly from the one executed in LMEX schedules, resulting in inconsistent displays. The calculations are now identical. (2009.12)
bulletTimed Control Point State Reporting in NTMCRDR - When control point was marked for time-out, but still OFF, incorrect state (ON) was be reported to NTMCRDR files, resulting in slightly incorrect AOT reports. The problem was corrected. (2009.12)
bulletOne-Line Diagram Flicker - Screens would flicker excessively during polling - the problem was corrected. (2009.18)
bulletControl Point State Evaluation - developed a problem - evaluator code was corrected. (2009.19)
bulletDNP Driver Time Book-Keeping - bug which caused occasional irregular readings was corrected. (2009.23)
bulletE-Mail / SMS Message Dispatching - problem was corrected. A race condition would occasionally prevent some messages to be dispatched promptly. (WebLink 2008.06)
bulletMREX Code Dispatcher - in RUEX had a bug which would, on rare occasion, hang RUEX. The bug was removed. (2009.26)
bulletAOT Reports - generated from RUEX would be wrong when data recording files contain multiple, consecutive OFF records. The bug was removed. (2009.28)

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