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MCEX - Master Controller Executive Startup, shutdown,  component status and mode monitoring
IOEX - Input / Output Executive Inter-component communications, and communications with remote units
RUEX - Remote Unit Executive SCADA functions, high level remote unit communication and programming functions, platform for higher level application components
MCEV - Master Controller Event Viewer Event viewer and analyzer for all system components
MCED - Master Controller Editor Database editor for all system components
MCDA - Master Controller Data Analyzer Tool for recorded data viewing, analysis, and exporting
MCSA - Master Controller Security Administrator NTMC security database editor


LMEX - Load Management Executive Load management
MREX - Meter Reading Executive Automated meter reading
CCEX - Capacitor Control Executive Capacitor control
Remote Client Remote access to NTMC via telephone and LANs
WebLink Remote access to NTMC via the internet, and e-mail dispatching

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