The Core Components

NTMC core consists of the following components:

bulletMCEX - Master Controller Executive
bulletIOEX - Input Output Executive
bulletRUEX - Remote Unit Executive
bulletMCSA - Master Controller Security Administrator
bulletMCDA - Master Controller Data Analyzer
bulletMCED - Master Controller Configuration Editor
bulletMCEV - Master Controller Event Viewer
bulletTPGM - Evaluator Program Tester and Debugger

MCDA, MCED and MCEV are integrated throughout the NTMC system, including the application modules, and can be invoked on-line with a push-button, or off-line, when the system is down. 

The Core High Level Services


bulletSCADA functions, including
- Data evaluation facility - user defines equations for processing of incoming, or locally resident data
- One-line diagrams
- Remote unit manual and automatic polling
- Remote switch operation
- Timed switch management - control codes are periodically sent to timed switches which need state refreshing
Event logging, searching, retrieval, printing, and archiving
bulletSystem configuration editing (on-line, and off-line)
bulletLong term data recording, archiving, retrieval, analysis, printing, plotting, and exporting
bulletAutomatic daily system backups
bulletCommunication routing - for remote units too far, or otherwise inaccessible directly by the master
bulletSystem startup and shutdown (entire system, or by component)
bulletServer functions - allow remote client computers to connect via one, or several of the supported communications media, and manage the system remotely
bulletHelp system - A collection of files with step by step instructions on how to initiate the various procedures
bulletUser interface management
bulletSystem debugging facilities
bulletSystem licensing facilities
bulletSystem security - implemented via MCSA (authentication and authorization services), and the operating system

The Core Low Level Services


bulletManagement of communications
bulletCommunications protocols
bulletDevice drivers
bulletClients and servers - their implementation and synchronization when using shared communications channels
bulletRemote Unit Support - drivers which enable the system to talk to the various models of hardware in the field
bulletDatabase management - management, mapping  and integration of the various databases (I/O points, RUs, RU domains, routes, communications, evaluator files, system component state files, user interface setting lists, operating system registry resident settings, etc.)
bulletSecurity functions - remote clients must be authenticated before accepted by a server

More on how NTMC implements above can be found by visiting the individual core component pages - see the links at the top of this page.


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