NTMC Modules
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NTMC modules fall into two categories:

  1. Industry / customer specific applications
  2. Non - essential system components

Category 1 Modules  

implement customer application or industry specific requirements, functionality, and algorithms. These modules are independent NTMC components which rely on the system core for all the basic services. Compared to the core their internal structure is relatively simple, yet they inherit all the core's functionality. This way module development is quicker and more efficient.

Currently available modules:

bullet LMEX - used by electric utility companies to do Load Management.
bulletMREX - used for remote Automated Meter Reading and / or long term demand recording.
bulletCCEX - used by electric utility companies to do Capacitor control.

Category 2 modules

are system components non-essential to functioning of NTMC. Some NTMC users utilize them, and some do not, depending on individual requirements. Each of these modules may comprise several components, all interacting with one or more NTMC core components, and one or more category 1 modules, depending on local configuration. 

Currently available modules:

bulletRemote Client - used to Access NTMC Remotely via a LAN, WAN or telephone line.
bulletWebLink - used to Access NTMC Remotely via the internet, and to notify users of selected system events via e-mail.

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