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Remote Client enables users to access NTMC via small, homogeneous networks, such as LANs, telephone dialup, and smaller WANs, as well as the internet via secure VPNs. 

The software runs on computers running the same operating system as the rest of NTMC components. The operator operating system account on remote machine has to match one of the operating system accounts on the control room machine, or connection is not established. Once connected, the remote operator needs to log - on to NTMC using his / her NTMC account. From there on the operator's privileges are defined by his / her NTMC account profile.

Remote Client provides remote access to MCEX, IOEX, RUEX, LMEX, MREX, and CCEX. It does not provide access to MCSA and WebLink. The latter components are accessible, for obvious reasons, from control rooms only.

The software has the same user interface as the server version which runs in control rooms. In fact, with minor exceptions, capabilities of operators using Remote Client are almost identical to those in control rooms. The reader is therefore  directed to follow NTMC pages and user guides describing capabilities of NTMC core and other NTMC modules.


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